Minor in Possession

Minor in Possession cases are all too common, yet they still carry consequences for your record. In Missouri, the police do not need to catch you with beer or liquor if they can prove you have consumed alcohol. Your body itself is considered the “container” and consumption can be shown through a breath test and officer observations.

One method of advocacy we use is to show the prosecutor the good character elements of each defendant. The prosecutor receives reports from the police, and these rarely paint the defendant in a positive light. However, when we disclose a resume, awards, and even character letters, we give the prosecutor a more complete picture.

Abuse and Lose – If you’re under the age of twenty-one, you need to be aware of the Missouri Abuse and Lose law and its effect on your license. If you are convicted of an alcohol-related offense while driving (including driving while intoxicated or even minor in possession), the court can order a suspension of your license for 90 days.  Subsequent offenses can result in a one year license revocation.

Student Conduct – Students should also be aware of the student code of conduct at your university or college. You may be permitted to bring an attorney to help advise you through the proceedings. Please see the University of Missouri student conduct hearings page for details, and contact us if you would like our assistance.

Expungement – If you have an old conviction for minor in possession, you may be able to expunge it. Once you turn twenty-two, you can petition the court where you were convicted to expunge all official records so long as you do not have any other alcohol-related convictions. Only one minor in possession conviction may be expunged. If you believe you are eligible for an expungement, feel free to contact us to discuss representation.

Read the Law – You may want to familiarize yourself with the State of Missouri statute or the Columbia Municipal ordinance, depending on where you are charged.