School Disciplinary Proceedings

School disciplinary proceedings at the various colleges and universities throughout Mid-Missouri can have drastic consequences regarding your enrollment and housing. These student conduct proceedings are different than criminal offenses and often require a different approach. The Bukowsky Law Firm has experience assisting students with these conduct hearings and appeals. We may be able to contact the Office of Student Conduct on your behalf prior to any hearing and review all relevant documents and reports so that you are informed of the accusations against you.

If a school disciplinary decision is not in your favor, there may be a way to appeal. There are often several stages to these proceedings, starting with a counselor or adviser, and then a hearing by a board. The Bukowsky Law Firm is ready to assist you at every stage to the extent permitted by the school’s policy.

Know the Policy – Colleges and Universities each have their own code of conduct that all students must follow. As punishments can be severe, including expulsion, you may want to familiarize yourself with your own school’s policy.